Montblanc Limited Writers Edition Alexandre Dumas ballpoint

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE *** U.S. bidderswith confirmed PayPal accounts only, please.*** NEW vs. USED GAP INEBAY DEFINITIONSEven though this is a new pen, I felt constrainedby eBay definitions to identify its condition as “Used.” To list an item as “New,” it mustbe a “brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item,” and a”Used” item is one that is has been “used.” The Dumas ballpoint offered here is unused andundamaged, but I did take it out of the box. Apparently, eBay regards being placed in my display case so I couldadmire it occasionally as “using” the pen. Review thelisting of others offering this item on eBay, and you will see that manysellers offer no apology for disregarding eBay rules and identifying pens theyhave merely, but obviously, openedas “New.” In theory, Iagree. But in practice, one must followthe rules, so I have identified the condition of my Writers Edition – Dumas as”Used.” THE SELLER: I am a smallcollector of fine writing instruments. Or I should say I was. Until economic circumstances improve, I’mgonna be a small seller of fine writing instruments.Please review myfeedback, which is 100% positive over 70 transactions since 2004 primarily as abuyer. The following are representative: • “Great communication. A pleasure to do business with. • “Quick pay A++++++++. • “Great eBayer.” • “Wonderful eBayer.” • “Excellent eBayer.” As you can see, I am wellon the way to building a similar feedback record on the seller’s side of theequation. Please note the following: 1. At the moment, I am set up to accept payment via PayPal only, from PayPalmembers with confirmed Mastercard or VISA or verified/confirmed bank account. As I am a stylophile by avocation only, I donot anticipate ever taking debit or credit cards directly. In fact, when economic circumstances improvesufficiently, I intend to cease being an occasional seller, and resume being anoccasional buyer of fine writing instruments. 2. I am not a photographer — as you can clearly see. I believe I am getting acceptable results withthe HDR setting on my iPhone, and my pictures are getting better. But they’re still nothing to write homeabout, and do not do this beautiful writing instrument justice. THE ITEM:You are bidding on a Montblanc Model#28644, the ballpoint version of its 1996 Writers Edition honoring AlexandreDumas. This ballpoint was not sealedwhen I purchased it. When I purchase a new Writers Edition pen, I carefullyslit only one end of the seal bearing the honoree’s signature. The outer box on this pen is slit ascarefully as I would do so, but at both ends. The condition of the pen and the boxes suggest to me that my seller didprecisely what I have done: Preserve thepen to admire it, unused, in a display case until deciding to sell it. The Dumas which I am asking you to bid upon hasbeen sitting in my Reed & Barton display case since I purchased it, alongsidemy other Writers Edition ballpoints. It is inpristine condition. The Dumas Writers Edition pens have a unique history. Due, presumably, to a research error, the setwas initially distributed for sale with the signature of the author’s son, alsonamed Alexandre. Montblanc quicklydiscovered the error, and recalled all unsold pens bearing the incorrectsignature. I’ve never heard any exactfigures, but pens with the incorrect signature were sold. Some people desire the pens issued in erroron the theory that they are more valuable because they are rare. I’ve no idea if the market bears that out,but it’s not relevant here: The ballpoint I am offering bears the correct (father’s)signature. This can be confirmed in two ways: First, Montblanc added an “N” to the limited edition numberthat appears on the pens bearing the correct signature. Second, the signatures may be compared at thefollowing site: The total number of ballpoints produced in this limited edition is 16000,which includes those sold separately (11,000) as well as those sold as part ofa set (5,000). The unique number of your pen is 14540/16000,which is located just under the gold ring at the top of the pen, on theopposite side of the clip from Dumas’ signature. It is a little difficult to see the”N” following 16000 on the accompanying photos, but the number itselfis clearly visible upon zoom. I’ve cobbled together descriptions from various merchants and added someof my own: Alexandre Dumas wasone of the most important novelists and playwrights of the 19th century. He knew better than anyone how to combineeffective dialogue, dramatic tension and lucid description in grippingstories. His intellectually stimulatingand ambitious works still captivate a large readership all over the world –Dumas wrote nearly 300 novels. The yearof issue, 1996, was the 150th anniversary of publication of his world-renownedclassics, “The Three Musketeers” and “The Count of MonteCristo.” Just as perfect asthe work of this great novelist are the Alexandre Dumas Writers Editionpens. Created from the finest ofmaterials, they have a mysterious shimmering appearance which is set off by adark brown precious resin cap. On top ofthis, every detail emphasizes the personality of Alexandre Dumas: the clip with its distinctive sword symbol,the cap ring adorned with a French lily, the rhodium-plated 18-carat gold nib,which is decorated by a fine engraving of a fleur-de-lis [fountain pen only],and the gold-colored signature on the cap. Incidentally, the first specimens of the Writers Edition Alexandre Dumasthat were made erroneously carried the signature of his son — a mistake thathas made this version a rare collector’s item. LimitedEdition Launch: 1996 Limitation: 15,000 fountain pens 16,000 ballpoint pens 5,000 setsCharacteristics: • body turned from marbled green precious resin • gold-plated mountings and inlays • cap turned from dark brown precious resin The photos also show that the item includes an inner box (which lookslike a book on the outside and cradles your pen in black satin on the inside),the promotional brochure for the Dumas, the outer box (printed in the samedesign as the book case and pamphlet inside) and the white sleeve which fitsover the outer box. PAYMENT: • via PayPal only• by PayPal confirmed membersonly, via confirmed/verified means of payment• within 24 hours of auction’s end, whether by close ofbidding or exercise of the Buy It Now option SHIPPING: Your pen will be packed with great care by one whoappreciates fine writing instruments, and all pens will be shipped: A. Within 24 hours of confirmed receipt ofyour payment [If received by 12 noon, Monday through Friday, your pen will beshipped by close of business that day.]; B. To UnitedStatesaddresses only C. By U.S. Postal Service priority mail only D. With a trackingnumber,which I willprovide to you via email E. With insurance adequate to cover yourpurchase price or FMV of the pen, whichever is greater F. USPS Priority flat rate for medium box is onyou, but I will pay for the insurance. FEEDBACK:I will leave positive feedback as soon as your payment is deposited inmy PayPal account. And as I am seekingto establish my street creds as a seller, I would greatly appreciate it if youwould leave me positive feedback once you’ve had a chance to inspect yourpurchase — assuming, of course, that you are satisfied with thetransaction. Thank you. RETURNS: A request to return the item you purchasedfor a refund must meet the following conditions: Because this pen will be in pristinecondition when it leaves the hands of the sellers, damage in transit is theonly acceptable basis for return; Requests to return for a refund must be madewithin 48 hours of the USPS date and time of confirmed delivery; All of theitems you received, pen, book box, promotional brochure, white outer box andwhite sleeve which fits over outer box must be returned; Buyer must adhere toseller’s Instructions for a Safe Return — Buyer bears the risk of loss untilthe pen returned for refund is received by Seller; The returned item must meetU.S. Postal Service requirements for a claim against Priority Mail shippinginsurance; Buyer will cooperate fully with any Postal Service investigation ofSeller’s insurance claim for damage in transit; Buyer pays the cost of returnshipping. Once the item is received bySeller, and the U.S. Postal Service has been confirmed that pen meets itsrequirements for a claim against Priority Mail shipping insurance, a refundwill be issued to Buyer via PayPal. *** Bid or buy with theconfidence warranted by Montblanc’s reputation as a maker of fine writinginstruments. ***

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